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Ordering repeat prescriptions:

There are currently three methods to order your prescriptions online:

  1. Registering for the NHS App – using the NHS App will allow you to order prescriptions, make online appointments and view your medical records. You will need to complete the registration process on the app (including sending a scanned photo ID for verification).
    • Please note: the NHS app will not show any prescriptions issued more than three months ago – this is a bug in their system over which we have no control.
    • This means if you are put on batch prescriptions for a year in January, for instance, you will only be able to see them in the NHS app until April – please check with your pharmacist before reordering.
  2. Register for patient services online. To order prescriptions using this method, you will need an access code which reception can organise for you. This also allows you to book appointments online.
  3. In person at reception. If you are on long term medication you will be given a repeat medication slip with each prescription. To obtain a repeat simply tick the items you require, and return the slip to the reception desk. Alternatively reception have order forms you can complete at the desk.

Thank you to everyone who has registered for online services. This is part of a national move to enable more people to book appointments online – to order prescriptions online.

Sending your requests via the NHS App is the preferred process, in that it allows you to send messages relating to your prescription requests, to track their progress, and to receive messages back from the surgery within your patient services account.

Prescription requests:

  • Please do not order your repeat prescription more than 10 days before your medication is due to run out as it will not be processed.
    • Where possible please send us your request about 7 days before it is required.
    • If there’s a particular reason you need to request your repeat prescription more than a week before it is due (e.g. because you are going on holiday) please specify why this is. We are not able to process early requests without an explanation.
  • Please allow us THREE full working days to process your request.
  • All written or e-mailed prescription requests must include a full name and date of birth.
  • For legal reasons our receptionists are unable to accept telephone requests for medication. If you enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope we will post it back to you when it is ready.
  • Contraception and HRT: if you are requesting a prescription for the contraceptive pill or HRT you will need to telephone the surgery for an appointment. You will need to see the Practice Nurse (for the contraceptive pill) or a GP (for HRT). We cannot authorise these prescriptions online. Additionally you can attend the family planning cinic at Teddington Memorial Hospital to obtain the contraceptive pill.

Unused Medication

Help us to reduce medicine waste in Richmond

Unused medicines kept at home can be a health risk and should be returned to a pharmacist. Please tell your local pharmacist or GP if you have stopped taking your medication. When ordering a repeat prescription please ensure that you only tick the medications on the form that you currently need, and ensure your pharmacist does not give you medication unless you have asked for them.

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