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Clinics & Services

Park Road Surgery in Teddington offers a number of services including:

Family Planning

The doctors provide a full range of family planning services during normal surgery hours. This includes the fitting of coils and caps, and providing emergency contraception.

Family Planning Clinics are also held at Teddington Health & Social Care Centre, 18 Queens Road, Teddington TW11 0LR. Phone 020 8614 5300 to book. As of February 2017, there is an appointment-only clinic there on Wednesday mornings for specialist long acting contraception and walk-in clinics  from 6pm to 8pm on Tuesday (nurse-led) and Thursday (doctor-led). The clinic is not run by the surgery, however, so please check the Teddington HSCC website for details of their clinic times before visiting.

Minor Surgery

We perform minor operations at the surgery for a limited range of conditions as governed by NHS regulations. You will need to have seen one of the GPs who will then ask reception to book an appointment; sessions are normally held on Thursday mornings or Friday afternoons.

Antenatal Care

If you have recently found out that you are pregnant, please note that you can self-refer yourself for obstetric care at Kingston or West Middlesex Hospitals. Please see their websites for details.

We work closely with the local hospitals and community midwives an share the antenatal care of most of our patients. Antenatal appointments are carried out in normal surgery hours. Please book with a doctor.

If you attending for an antenatal clinic please bring in a urine sample with you (bottles are available at reception).

INR tests for patients on warfarin

Anticoagulant tests are undertaken during normal nursing appointments. The service is available for patients who are stable on warfarin medication. Any patients whose INR proves difficult to control will be referred to the anticoagulation clinic at a local hospital.

Diabetes Care

Diabetes checks are undertaken by Dr Nicolette Potts and the other GPs. We also have specialist nurse and practice pharmacist appointments available for diabetes monitoring.

Please ensure that you book a twenty minute appointment and that you have blood and urine tests taken two weeks prior to your diabetes appointment.

Asthma Care

If you are asthmatic and using inhalers you are advised to attend an asthma check appointment with Ms Anna Merry at least annually. Please call the practice to book an appointment. Please bring your medication with you so that your inhaler technique can be checked and we will provide advice on how to best manage your asthma.


If you are suffering from a skin complaint, we run a specific dermatology clinic. This is run by Dr Sean Gallagher. Appointments for this clinic can be booked directly through reception.

Physiotherapy – First Contact Physiotherapy service

The First Contact Physiotherapy (FCP) service allows patients to book in directly to speak to a Practice based Physiotherapist. If you have a problem, such as muscle, joint or back pain, the FCP can provide a specialist assessment without seeing the GP first.

The majority of aches and pains recover well with the right advice, the FCP will be able to advise you how best to manage your injury or pain, which exercises might be best and how to manage work and your activities. If there is need to refer you on for a GP opinion or for blood tests or Xrays, the FCP can organise this too.

In order to book an appointment just contract you practice in the usual way and ask to speak to the First Contact Physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy – Self referral

If you are 16 or over and have registered with this GP practice and have muscle or joint pains including strains/sprains/neck or back pain, you can refer yourself to see a physiotherapist without needing a referral from your GP. Please click on the web link below:

Please Read This Before Continuing:

Please consult your GP or NHS 111 urgently if you have recently or suddenly developed-
Difficulty passing urine or controlling bladder/bowels
Numbness or tingling around the back passage or genitals
Numbness, pins and needles or weakness in both legs.

Please discuss with your GP before submitting this referral if you:
Are feeling generally unwell/fever
Have any unexplained weight loss
Have a history of cancer
Have recently become unsteady on your feet.

This service is for patients registered with a Richmond GP and aged over 16 years.

Go To Physiotherapy self-referral

Smoking Cessation

The practice can advise about smoking cessation and offer referral to the local smoking cessation clinics. If you are interested then please call the surgery to book an appointment to discuss. We can offer various stop smoking aids and offer advice and motivation to enable you to quit.

Freezing Clinic

Minor skin lesions (Warts, verruca, skin tags, small fleshy growths) can be removed by cryotherapy (freezing treatment). Our freezing clinic is held once a month, normally on a Thursday afternoon. We use liquid nitrogen—an extremely cold gas (-193 degrees Centigrade) to freeze the lesion in question.   The treatment is uncomfortable, but usually not too painful.

Teddington Memorial Hospital

We make full use of Teddington Memorial Hospital, which has excellent outpatient physiotherapy and X-ray facilities as well as a minor injuries unit and fifty two GP beds. Teddington Memorial Hospital also houses an Urgent care centre (08:00 – 20:00).

Ear syringing

Due to the ever increasing high patient demand on appointments the Partners have, after much consideration, taken the decision stop ear syringing at the surgery from 1st January 2019.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused but have taken this decision, in line with other local surgeries, after consideration of the workload pressures on our nurses and also the fact that there are other alternative treatments available. The doctors have a duty of care under the GMS contract to assess patients, perform an appropriate examination and then decide either to treat them or refer them to a specialist. However, ear syringing is not stipulated within the GMS contract and it was felt necessary, in the changing light of general practice, to review and prioritise the services that the surgery provides.

The doctors would encourage patients who think they have wax in their ears to talk to the Pharmacist about using over the counter remedies and are advised to use drops or olive oil for several weeks in order to soften wax. Following this Ear syringing and microsuction services are available from some local pharmacies should this be required.

In some cases your GP may decide to refer you for microsuction to NHS community services. Please be advised that you can still book an appointment with a Doctor if you have any concerns about ear symptoms.

Sexual health services are changing

The services offer contraception, STI testing, treatment and advice for all ages.

There are details of all the clinics at The service is open 6 days a week with evening clinics in Merton, Richmond and Wandsworth and Saturday morning clinics available from Balham Health Centre in Wandsworth.

The  service offers HIV testing and HIV post sexual exposure treatment (PEP). However, specialist services for patients living with HIV remain provided by local hospitals.

Urinary Tract Infection

If you have booked an appointment with a GP for a suspected urinary tract infection please can you bring in a urine sample with you (bottles are available in reception).

Sleepstation service

If you are struggling with your sleep,  the Sleepstation service provides dedicated personalised support with a highly effect, drug free solution to help you. It combines psychology and sleep science, with expert ongoing guidance and long-lasting results.

You can discuss this with your GP or self-refer via the following link:


Opening Times

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