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YOUR surgery needs YOUR help today!

Posted on January 27th, 2022

We need to act quickly to ensure our voices are heard so we can give the best service we can to you, our patients, over the coming years. Our aim is to relocate to the site of the Teddington Police Station. You can read more about why we need to move here.

Please respond to Richmond’s Local Plan consultation to support a new GP surgery for Park Road as part of the redevelopment of Teddington Police Station!

You only have until Monday 31st January to do this, so apologies for the short deadline.

Steps to take – either by e-mail:
1. Download the consultation form and complete it
2. E-mail it to

or online:
1. Register on and login to the consultation website
2. Comment on section 7 of the plan, specifically Site Allocation 9 – example text is below.

“I am commenting on site allocation 9, Teddington Police Station, to ask that:
– the Local Plan requires Park Road Surgery to be relocated there as part of any redevelopment
– any planning consent makes the sale or lease of any residential units conditional on the occupation of the GP surgery.”

Many thanks in advance!

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