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Udney Park planning application

Posted on April 3rd, 2019

Many of you will be aware of the planning application for the Udney Park site, which includes a new building for our GP surgery, facilities for multiple other community organisations including sports clubs and Park Lane stables, residential development, and moves 9.5 acres of private land into community ownership. You can read more about why we need to move if you’d like.

I am writing to ask you to express your views to the Council consultation on whether Udney Park should be designated in planning terms as “Other Open Land of Townscape Importance” (OOLTI) or “Local Green Space” (LGS). We support it retaining its current designation as OOLTI, which continues to offer it protection against development, while making a new GP surgery on the site more likely as part of the overall planning application. We continue to feel this offers significant, funded benefits to the local community, and so would ask you to support it remaining as OOLTI in line with the government planning inspector’s original report which was ‘unable to conclude that the designation [of Local Green Space] is justified’.

We know that about two-thirds of our patients support our moving to Udney Park, and we’d ask you to make your views heard by the Council.

It may be helpful to consider what both involve: land which is Other Open Land of Townscape Importance: “will be protected and enhanced in open use; any changes must be linked to the functional use of the land and should not harm the character and openness of the land.”

Local Green Space is “demonstrably special to a local community and holds a particular local significance, for example, because of its beauty, historic significance, recreational value (including as a playing field), tranquillity or richness of its wildlife.”

I would therefore ask you to consider your awareness and use of the site both now and historically. Did you know about it, and use it, sufficiently that you’d regard it as “demonstrably special” to you and to your local community? Do you feel its beauty, historical significance, use as playing fields, tranquillity or the richness of its wildlife mean it was of particular significance to the community? Do you feel overall that the proposals to redevelop the site would enhance its use in the community?

If you consider the proposals a benefit for the community, you should oppose the redesignation as LGS and support the current designation as OOLTI. You can respond via e-mail to, and have until 5th April 2019 to do so.

You can download a summary of the GP Summary Plans here.

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